Biblical Perspective - Week 1

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Lead Pastor, Jeremy Flanagan, began a series of how we can approach cultural issues with a biblical perspective that reflects Jesus. 

Next Steps

  • Examine the areas of sin in your personal life that we make excuses for. What are the excuses → it’s not really that bad, God wouldn’t judge the way I feel, it’s not hurting anyone else? Pray that God will convict you instead of letting you grow indifferent to sin in your life.
  • Visit the sermon blog to find resources dealing with a Biblical view of LGBTQIA+ issues.

​​​​​​​Resources to help talk about LGBTQIA+ issues

  • First, whenever we list a resource, either book or website article/video, know that we are only suggesting that specific resource. Often we do not agree with everything a particular author has says and definitely don't know what they will say in the future. However we feel any listed resource is one that will help you undertand the given issue in a better way. While we have done our own vetting, if you ever find something in a resource or by an author that you question or feel should come to our attention, please let us know.
  • The book "Is God Anti-Gay" is the good resource we recommend. Written by a pastor who has dealt with same-sex attraction (SSA) since his teenage years, it clearly teaches a Biblical view of LGTBQIA+ issues with a great deal of understanding & compassion. (
  • "What The Bible Really Teaches About Homosexuality" is another good book that shares a Biblical perspective on this subject. (
  • List of Online Resources: