Outpost - Part 3

Lead Pastor, Jeremy Flanagan, continues our series on how we can become better sharers of our faith.


Next Steps

  • Know the gospel. The sermon blog has multiple links to articles and tools to help you.
  • Download the “Share Jesus Without Fear” app, walk through the Witnessing Plan, and spend time reading the 36 Answers to Objections.
  • Check out various resources on the back tables. Take any of them with you. 



Resource Links To Help You Know and Share the Gospel


Gospel Sharing Apps & Websites

Share Jesus Without Fear  -  http://www.sharejesuswithoutfear.com/
Life In 6 Words (designed for teens)  -  https://www.dare2share.org/apps/
The Story (also has 5 minute video; booklets)  -  https://thestoryfilm.com/
God Tools (by Cru; gospel plan & other tools)  -  https://godtoolsapp.com/en/
Life On Mission (by NAMB) - http://lifeonmissionbook.com/conversation-guide
List of other gospel / video apps  -  https://www.vokeapp.com/blog/gospel-sharing-apps/


Sites or Articles About Sharing Your Faith
I’ve tried to include some new links to different resources that help us prepare to share the gospel.


Advice on many different kinds of gospel conversations—https://www.askaboutmyfaith.com/
Article & links on how to effectively share your faith—https://billygraham.org/story/sharing-your-faith-101/
Organization with resources and articles to help—https://evangelismexplosion.org/
June 2021 sermon with links on how to verbalize your story of faith  -  https://pathwaybaptist.com/sermons/gospel1/