Gospel - Part 1

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Lead Pastor, Jeremy Flanagan, challenges us to use our personal stories as a tool to share Jesus.


Next Steps

  • Your story is powerful but only if it is heard. If you have put your trust in Jesus as savior, write down the story of why you put your faith in Him. That will prepare you to share it with others. (The act of writing down our personal testimony of faith in Jesus helps put into shareable words what we know in our hearts. It will help us be able to verbalize what we want to share with those who don’t know Jesus. And if you don’t know what to say or aren’t sure what it means to put your trust in Jesus, then we’d love to talk with you so reach out to someone on staff.)
  • Your story isn’t over yet. If you could write the rest of the chapters of your life, what would they say? Pray for God to help you make those chapters become a reality.