Unwavering Faith: Inevitable Doubt

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan


Having doubts about our faith is something we should expect to go through, but God still provides hope to us through those doubts.



Here is the link to the Barna study referenced today called "The Pervasiveness of Doubt".

  • 65% questioning what you believe about religion or God 
  • 26% say they still experience spiritual doubt
  • while 40% say they have experienced it in the past but have worked through it
  • Only about one-third (35%) claim to have never experienced it at all
  • 19% of what they call “devout groups” like practicing Christians (19%) still experience doubt
  • Those who enjoy the support systems and resources of a church community, they are also one of the most likely groups to have worked through their doubt (42%).
  • Almost all evangelicals (95%) say their time of doubt improved their faith.