Unwavering Faith: Ripple Effect

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan


When we openly live out a true faith in God, it will impact those around us.


What I find interesting (and frustrating) is to sometimes see how people that don’t believe the Bible as being God’s Word view those Christians who not only believe it, but do their best to try and live out their faith. If you watch Christian portrayals on TV or subject yourself to social media posts then you will quickly find out there are a lot of people that have a bad view of Christians. Sometimes it is for good reason because they have come across people that think they are doing right but instead are mean-spirited, judgmental, and worse. Often those who don’t view Christians positively are simply putting a negative stereotype on all believers for the actions of a few. Whatever the case may be, here is what I know as a fact:  Everyone can be changed by seeing faith in God exhibited through the lives of believers.


Here are a couple of links to resources that were discussed in today's sermon.

First is a Pew Research Center study on "Religion in Everyday Life". We briefly talked about what society looks to measure when they view religon's impact on society. While our concern is much more important (the gospel) it is still interesting to see some of the things they found out when comparing those who connect with God & fellow believers and those who don't.


Second, we shared how some stories that are written about in separate gospels at times have different takes on the same occurance. The story of the Roman Centurion in Matthew 8 speaks as if they officer himself came to request Jesus to heal his servant. The account in Luke 7 is more specific telling some of the officer's background and that he sent respected Jewish leaders to make the request of Jesus. In short, I view Matthew 8 as a blog post that just gives you the overview of what happened, similar to saying a President negotiated with another country when it was actually members of his negotiating team. Luke 7 is a more detailed article that would tell you the names of the negotiators and describe all the action that took place. If you want a little more on how some stories may appear contradictory but are really just point of view differences, here's a good article to read.