Rich King, Poor King: Fulfillment

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan

Wise financial decisions can lead to financial success but they don’t always bring happiness. It takes a wise spiritual mindset to find fulfillment.

I always feel like I need to throw out a caveat whenever I talk about finding success from wise decisions. The Bible isn’t a magical formula to always succeed. Great faith doesn’t always equal great wealth and bad circumstances don’t always mean you’ve done something wrong to get there. All that being said, there is a lot we can learn from scripture that does put us on a better path. Following Biblical guidelines for marriage lead to better relationships, better parenting, better conflict resolution, and yes, following Biblical guidelines for financial decisions does give us a much better chance for financial success. But with everything, it requires consistency over time. When bad times come – and they will come – we have to stick to the principles that we know give a blueprint for success.