Rich King, Poor King: Take Action

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan


We began this series talking about the heart of the matter when it comes to finances: Either we control our finances to be used as a tool for greater things or we will let our decisions about money control us. This week we will discuss practical steps to take and talk about tools we can use to help us budget, plan, save, and give to both God and others.


There are plenty of places to find help with finances but below are a few links from resources we talked about on Sunday and others.

Here is the simple one-page budgeting worksheet I have put together to help give you a starting point. This will only take 1-2 hours to complete. If you're not willing to spend at least that much time to start the process, then you will never gain control of your finances. If you're ready for something more, keep looking below.

On Sunday we also showed you a Spending Guideline from Crown Financial Ministries. They provide suggested percentages that you should be spending depending on your living status and salary. Find a detailed guideline for 6 different stages of life (single - no roommate, single - with roommate, single parent, married, married 2 kids, married 4 kids).

Crown Financial also has MANY RESOURCE LINKS to help you track spending, budget, plan for investing, and more.

Visit our previous post from last year's sermon on the effect of debt to find many other resources including a list of apps to help you track expenses and keep to your budget.