Rich King, Poor King: Choosing Wisdom

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan


Whether you are struggling to make ends meet or whether your decisions & situation have given you some financial freedom, there are things to learn from the example of King Solomon that will help us not only become successful in handling our finances but learn to find the happiness we had hoped they would bring. Next week we will look at some very practical ways to help us be good stewards of what we are blessed to have but today's message looks at the heart of the matter. Do we make wise choices and stay in control of our finances, or have we allowed our financial decisions to control us?


Check next week's post for many different resources, however to work on tracking your current spending and setting a budget you can use the spreadsheet linked below or visit our BLOG POST on February 24, 2018 for a list of tools to help you. Before our small groups discuss budgeting on the week of April 7th, try to have the following completed:


  1. Find out where your money is going and create a budget for the future. The first step is simply to see where you spend money each month. You can download statements from your bank or credit cards to help do this. If you spend a lot with cash, do you best at guessing what you spent last month and start keeping a notebook with cash expenditures to help you track what the money is spent on. If you do nothing else, complete this first. The if you have time, start by setting a simple monthly budget. You can use THIS SPREADSHEET or if you don't have Excel, print out the PDF PAGE to get started. For other budgeting tools you can visit the BLOG POST mentioned above or visit the additional website for 10 FREE BUDGET SPREADSHEETS although I haven't checked any of them out. 
  2. Answer the following questions to help prepare for small group discussion:
  • Am I being honest with myself when it comes to what I spend & where?
  • What are the things I say that are priorities in my financial life? Does my budget show that to be true?
  • What are some areas that my household spends money that could be cut back? 
  • How much "unnecessary" money do I spend each month? What could that go to instead?
  • Do I make giving back to God / helping others a priority or am I letting other things hold higher importance?
  • If I do have a level of financial freedom or have in the past, how have I used that ability to benefit others? What things would I do more of right now if I had greater financial freedom?
  • What are some immediate changes I can make to get my budget in line with my stated priorities? What are some bigger, medium-term changes I might need to make?
  • If I'm making good financial decisions or if I can only show others what NOT to do from my current example, am I teaching those following after me to make wise decisions?