Navigating Relationships: Family Ties

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan

It's hard enough managing the relationships within your home but sometimes those with family members outside the home can still be the cause of numerous conflicts. In today's sermon we will look at the difference between core family / extended family / family of origin, the responsibilities that God does give us with certain family members, and how to determine when hard boundaries need to be placed in our lives. Setting those boundaries and sticking with them may be difficult, but it's often the only real solution if we want to find true peace in our family relationships.


In today's message I mentioned the book "Boundaries" by Cloud & Townsend among other resources. Below are some links to help you begin evaluating what relationship boundaries might be needed in your life with resource suggestions to help you walk down that path. - They obviously want you to buy their book (which I also suggest) but there are multiple free resources through this site to help you get started. - If you don't want to buy the book, here is a 7-part lesson series developed from "Boundaries" that is free. It's not the same as the book but covers many of the same principles. - While this is an opinion piece in answer to someone's question, I thought it was a good point of view I might share to anyone wanting to look at the question of "disowning" or "cutting someone off" permanently. As I cover in the sermon, I prefer the idea of establishing strong boundaries with strict requirement for anyone that wants to walk back through a closed gate. That protects us and still offers the potential for restoration. However in situations of abuse or when we can't handle contact with someone at this time, there may need to be what feels like a more permanent solution. This article addresses some of those ideas.