Navigating Relationships: Singleness

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan

While most people don’t plan to live a single life, we are all born that way. Paul tells us that whether to stay single is a choice based on our own desires and whether we’ve been gifted with the ability to control our passions & remain
celibate. Even though today almost 96% of Americans expect to one day be married, there are advantages to every stage of life and we don’t need to miss out those that occur when we are single. For those who have become single again through a marriage that ended or the loss of a spouse, we also need to be open to the opportunities God has for us during this time of our life.


I had a few different questions asked of me coming out of this sermon so here are a couple of links to explore a little further. 

LINK: Was the Apostle Paul Married? - This is a discussion board, not an article or website that I will trust everything that is said so read it knowing it is a discussion board. However it gives you a good view of multiple sides to that question. I can give you other "hard" resources but I felt this was the best to give you a quick overview on the question of Paul's possible marriage / singleness. - According to 1 Corinthians 7 you might feel that it is almost a command that people try to remain single, although Paul himself says that it is his opinion or judgement. This article points out how this passage is also a response to the current situation of those who received the letter. To back this up, you can see in 1 Timothy 5 where Paul suggests younger widows do get remarried because they were dealing with a different problem in Ephesus.