Navigating Relationships: Dating With Purpose

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan


NO AUDIO FILE FOR TODAY'S MESSAGE - we had some technical issues and didn't get a recording. We have posted a sermon recap below if you would like to download the PDF for scripture references and main points of the sermon.


Dating should be with purpose. Everything we do should be from us choosing to be a representative of Jesus. With that in mind, our pattern of dating should bring God honor. It should be focused on connecting with someone that is at the same place in their walk with Christ. It’s not about what we can make work, but what will work out best.


  • POINT #1:  We must realize dating isn’t the goal. Marriage isn’t even the goal. Being focused on the things of God should be our goal in everything we do.
  • POINT #2:  We should strive to not compromise our morals during dating
  • POINT #3:  We should only date those who we believe exhibit Christ-like characteristics and only stay with those who prove they will over time.