Broken: Disposable Relationships

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan

So many things in our lives seem to be disposable. I may sound like the old guy telling kids to get off his lawn, but I really do hate the way most things today are made to be replaced, not repaired. I remember things my parents had that were handed down from their parents; not heirlooms, but items they used every day. Even appliances. If something broke you spent a little time fixing it because it was worth saving. Now even major things in our lives seem to be easier and less expensive to replace than to try and repair. If you could see all the trash we dispose of in a lifetime it would be an enormous pile.

Now switch gears and look at how we sometimes treat relationships. How many friendships, co-worker, family members, or others have we readily discarded not worrying about the long-term impact to us, them, or others around us? Instead of trying to repair it, we just throw it away and look for replacement relationships. Now I’m not saying some relationships won’t end or shouldn’t end. At times you need to end their daily effect on your life and others put up strong boundaries. However, even in those, the way you address the situation even in ending it will have permanent impact on you, that individual, and everyone else involved.

Our main passage today deals with handling conflict within a church family but it works anywhere.

Here are a few extra resources for you to read this week if you want more information.

I'm not anything near what you would call an environmentalist but I do like the imagery of comparing how much trash we produce in a lifetime with the number of disposable relationships in our wake of bad decisions.