Broken: What We Value

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan

If we value something, we should do whatever it takes to mend what is broken.

Everyone deals with one or more things in their lives where something isn’t going right. Maybe it’s struggling with emotional & mental stress that we can’t seem to overcome; it could be an addiction to either sinful actions or physical addictions; family or other relationships that are broken; or countless other problems that seem to be constantly in need of our attention. There are a lot of things in life that we say we want changed to make us happier / more successful / etc… but are we really willing to do what is necessary to see those changes happen? If we are, what is the formula to fix those broken areas?

The next few weeks are going to talk about some specific answers to specific problems but today is going to be about the overall plan to do what is necessary to fix the broken parts of our lives.