Developing Leaders

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan


Today’s Focus >> Today we will look past simply leading others to the responsibility of developing other leaders. Whether you view yourself in a leadership role or not, God has called every believer to make disciples. Since disciples by definition make new disciples, then God has called us to at least that level of leadership. But these principles will also determine the ability for our church to grow and are applicable at home/work/etc… That process involves relationship, example, sending, supporting, correcting, releasing. 


In the stories of Moses leading Israel and Jesus leading the apostles we will discuss these four leadership ideas:

Point #1: We can only do so much. If we aren’t about making more leaders then our ability to accomplish what God puts in front of us will be limited. Limited, we can only accomplish what our individual time & skill can do alone.

Point #2: Sometimes we need to empower people to start leading before we or they even feel completely prepared. The truth is that day (being completely prepared) will never come and we’re holding them back if we don’t let them start what God has put in front of them.

Point #3: After success with responsibility, we should ask more of those we are trying to develop into leaders

Point #4: When those we are developing into leaders fail, we need to both show them the way forward and help remind them they can do it.