Basics: Communion

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan


As we wrap up our "Basics" series we are going to discuss the last of two ordinances that God gave His churches to carry out until Christ returns. Both the act of baptism and observing the Lord's supper are events that break away from our normal worship activities. They stand out and are meant to do so. What they represent, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, is so important that God commanded His churches to carry these symbolic actions to help us focus on what Jesus did for us. Baptism is something that although witnessed by many, is a solo action. The Lord's Supper is a church-wide action. In today's sermon we will look at the activities the early church took around observing communion and what it says to us about the importance of mutual responsibility and accountability.


If you would like to read a short document that more fully explains how Pathway observes the Lord's Supper, you can find that HERE or through our "What We Believe" page.