Many Gifts One Spirit: What Are The Gifts

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan


This week we continue our sermon series on spiritual gifts. Last week on "The Purpose of Miracles" we discussed a few facts concerning miracles:

(1) A miracle demonstrates supernatural power, overcoming natural law
(2) Miracles were to prove the God-hood of Jesus and to verify the gospel
(3) Miracles weren’t given for the benefit of believers


Most importantly, what we talked about last week was the special promise given to New Testament believers that the Holy Spirit would not only be among us but as Jesus said in John 14, the Holy Spirit will live inside of everyone who places their faith in Him. To study more on spiritual gifts, listen to the sermon or read more information through the links below.


Below are a few links to future your study. As always I want to provide a disclaimer that if you read these or other artcles within these sites you will come across things our church doesn't believe or teach. While I agree with what they may write on one subject, we may disagree on another. Just know that any time you dig further into a Biblical subject online.

An opposing view on the continuation of gifts: