Many Gifts One Spirit: Purpose of Miracles

Speaker: Jeremy Flanagan


As we begin this new series dealing with spiritual gifts and the Holy Spirit, we want to provide you with extra information if you'd like to dig deeper. Below are some items to give you more background on the topics discussed today. In today's message we will look at the purpose of miracles overall as we also discuss the Holy Spirit's role as the Advocate (Helper / Comforter) and the indwelling of believers.


In today's message we touched on the role of the Holy Spirit in salvation and in the Old Testament. Below is a document to help provide some background scripture and discussion on these topics.

As one of our Next Steps on Sunday we talked about miracles. Jesus performed miracles to prove His power was from God and that He was God Himself. Read either list from the links posted below to see who each of Jesus’s miracles was intended to influence. Sometimes you will find it was simply Jesus having compassion on an individual but more often it was for the purpose of increasing the faith of his disciples or confirming to non-believers that He was the Son of God. Let reading through these miracles strengthen your faith as well.