It's hard enough managing the relationships within your home but sometimes those with family members outside the home can still be the cause of numerous conflicts. In today's sermon we will look at the difference between core family / extended family / family of origin, the responsibilities that God does give us with certain family members, and how to determine when hard boundaries need to be placed in our lives. Setting those boundaries and sticking with them may be difficult, but it's often the only real solution if we want to find true peace in our family relationships.

While most people don’t plan to live a single life, we are all born that way. Paul tells us that whether to stay single is a choice based on our own desires and whether we’ve been gifted with the ability to control our passions & remain
celibate. Even though today almost 96% of Americans expect to one day be married, there are advantages to every stage of life and we don’t need to miss out those that occur when we are single. For those who have become single again through a marriage that ended or the loss of a spouse, we also need to be open to the opportunities God has for us during this time of our life.

Dating should be with purpose. Everything we do should be from us choosing to be a representative of Jesus. With that in mind, our pattern of dating should bring God honor. It should be focused on connecting with someone that is at the same place in their walk with Christ. It’s not about what we can make work, but what will work out best.