Real Relationships - God

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Through the month of April, Lead Pastor Jeremy Flanagan will be speaking on Real Relationships. What makes them strong. What makes them lasting. What makes them fulfilling. We will talk about relationships within our families, within our church, and our fellowship with other believers. We will dig into our personal view of what we want out of relationships. But first we need to talk about our relationship with God.


God is the God of relationships. He has built us for relationships. He, Himself, personifies the importance of relationships. But before we can truly understand the way to best build strong ties to others, we need to focus on creating a strong relationship with God.


Next Steps:

Determine what things are causing the most fear & anxiety in your life right now. Decide what you can do to address them, then pray for God to handle the rest. Let God worry about what He alone has the power to address.

Read Philippians 2:1-11 for direction on how to treat others and a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Visit the sermon blog for details on the Trinity.

Additional Resources to Know More About the Trinity:

We didn't have time to discuss the concept of the Trinity in detail so here are a few articles that can help you understand it a little more. What you will find as you look through these resources is that people who even ultimately agree with each other on the Trinity find different ways to explain it. The Trinity is something we can't fully explain but knowing that God is more than we comprehend is something that should excite, not frustrate us. The first two links are quick summaries but give some good, concise points. The next three give more scripture references and discussion. If you need more information or have questions, contact us any time.