Fuse: Students 7th-12th Grade

Fuse meets on Wednesdays during the school year at 6:15pm in the Fuse Garage. Our first Wednesday back from Summer is September 5th.


The Fuse Garage is right next door to Pathway at 3335 W. Mt. Comfort Rd. in Fayetteville.  Students 7th through 12th grades are invited to come worship with us.  Wednesday nights consist of a large group lesson and then small group discussion.


Our purpose at Fuse is to create community among the students that equips them with the Gospel to bring Jesus' Good News to their schools, friends, and families.  We partner with parents to ensure that this purpose follows them home. 


Our discipleship of each student focuses on the following four things:


  • - Studying the Bible
  • - Prayer
  • - Serving
  • - Sharing the Gospel



If you would like more information about FUSE, please email Mitchell Neldon at mitchell@pathwaybaptist.com.  Also, you can find FUSE's social media by clicking the icons below.

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